JEFF MARTIN, American Anthropological Association 

Career videos aren’t the first thing that usually perks your ears up, but Sidford House came in and produced videos for us that are creative, compelling and, yes, even “cool.” They had great advice (the animated graphics really made a difference) and were professional throughout the entire process. Best of all they came in on budget and on time. Highly recommended!

Daniel DeBonis, Macmillan Learning

Working with Sidford House is a pleasure! Not only are they highly skilled professionals but valued collaborators. 

Carol Wallace, Author

I loved working with the team at Sidford House to create a promotional video for a book. They understand how to craft a story – your story – in arresting narrative and images. What’s more, they make the whole process a lot of fun!


Kate is such an amazing producer.  Smart, nice, creative and unflappable.  Great at bringing the best out of people, making things look pretty and just getting it.  Comfortable with an amazing diversity of content from arcane science to bubbly babies.

NOElle Guerin, VP CERcone Brown Company 

Tracey and I have worked together for years. She's been a valued contact and friend. She is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. I can't imagine anyone being more buttoned up or passionate about the work she does. She's talented but accessible. I would recommend Tracey to anyone!

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